Formerly Hotsos Consulting and Education Services

You may have discovered us at Rapid Response Time by searching for our prior company Hotsos Enterprises.  We worked previously as the Consulting and Education Services groups of Hotsos Enterprises. Unfortunately our old company decided to stop operation for reasons which were out of our control.  Though we enjoyed our previous experience while working at highly regarded Hotsos, it was time to start a new company.

Introducing Rapid Response Time

Rapid Response Time was created from the same team of recognized technical performance experts you knew at Hotsos.  We were able to leverage all we have learned from our 15+ years of experience at Hotsos (as well as other places) and incorporate that into the operation of our new company focusing on Oracle performance Consulting and Education services.

Call Us

If you require any Oracle performance and/or Oracle educational services, then please contact us at our new company. You will experience the same top quality professional services you knew from the past.  

Achieve your goal of Oracle Rapid Response Time now by contacting us.