Educational Training Services

Rapid Response Time Educational Services focus on the specific needs of your people. Whether you are a performance analyst, database administrator or application developer, our offerings will improve your skills and knowledge providing you the ability to optimize your job's day-to-day activities at your company.  You can use the methods we teach at the moment you leave our classroom to provide spectacular value to your business.

Our courses focus the student's attention not upon rote learning and superficial understanding of Oracle rules of thumb, but upon a thorough understanding of how systems work. Hands-on problem-solving strategies are presented that can be carried forward directly to common problems and customized for solving less common ones. We believe that theory is essential, but without the relevant practical application, the investment you make in both time and money remains a mere academic exercise instead of valuable intellectual assets that can be applied to your day-to-day activities.

Course Curriculum

     NAME                                                                                    DURATION      LIST PRICE

Advanced Optimizer Concepts and Performance             3 Days             $1895.00

Indexing in Oracle                                                                1 Day               $  795.00

Intro to Oracle SQL                                                              1 Day               $  795.00

Optimizing Oracle SQL, Intensive                                       5 Days             $3650.00

Oracle Tracing                                                                      1 Day               $  795.00

Performance Optimization for Developers                        2 Days             $1295.00

Performance Optimization for Developers + PL/SQL       3 Days             $1895.00

Performance Optimization for PL/SQL                               3 Days             $1895.00

Reading Execution Plans                                                     1 Day              $  795.00

Understanding Stats in Oracle                                            1 Day              $  795.00

VLDB (Very Large Database) in Oracle                               1 Day              $  795.00

Pricing for onsite group training available upon request

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